I was a frequenter of karaoke for many years. I probably still would be but everyone I used to go with has moved away. I’m not dying to go, mind you, or else I would. It was probably more fun for me when I was young and liked being drunk. Anyway, over a long period of time I would go, sometimes weekly, to karaoke at different places with different configurations of people. Most places were dive bars but we had good times. I should divulge that I am not a good singer. I throughly enjoy singing but I’m not good.

Today my iPod shuffled to Fast Car and as I was singing along I was reminded of a night at karaoke so many years ago. That particular bar had a karaoke contest every week so if you wanted to sing any time in the first couple of hours you had to enter the contest. It was judged by three random people. One was a very drunk woman who enjoyed hooting and hollering. Maybe she was the precursor to Paula Abdul. Anyway, my turn came up and I went up and sang Fast Car. When I got to the line, “And I had a feeling I could be someone, be someone, be someone”, the drunk judge shouted, “YOU ARE SOMEONE!” It was the saddest affirmation I have ever received.