When I pulled into my parking spot at home today I looked to my left and made eye contact with a guy sitting in a car talking on the phone. I opened the backdoor and got my chair out. I looked up and he was still staring at me. I got my seat back and cushion in place and looked up. He was still staring. Apparently, he didn’t mind being caught staring. Then when I got out of the car he let me know that he thought I did a good job by giving me a thumbs up with accompanying head bob.

This experience encompassed two of my pet peeves:

1) Being stared at – especially when I’m getting in and out of the car. I find it intrusive even though people are well within their rights to look wherever they want. It’s not a graceful process and I’d rather not have an audience.

2) Being congratulated for completing basic tasks. I know it might seem amazing to people that I can get in and out of the car or grocery shop but I find it patronizing to get a thumbs up or to be told, “You get around good in that thing!” I work a taxing job and manage everything else in my life and to have strangers try to cheerlead me over getting out of the car makes it clear that their base assumption is that I’m helpless. It’s frustrating.

I know, I know… people don’t know, they mean well. The pet peeves remain.