I am known as a lover of cupcakes. Cupcakes are sweet, adorable, tiny, and often colorful. I cannot resist cuteness. I own cupcake erasers, necklaces, earrings, fabric, and other knickknacks. I even desperately want this painting. I have considered getting a cupcake tattoo. I love baking cupcakes and seeing other people enjoy them. So you see, I love cupcakes. That is why this is so hard for me to admit to the world. Hell, it was hard for me to admit to myself. I’ve realized that I don’t really like eating cupcakes. I’ve noticed it for about the past year but didn’t stop trying. I’m more excited at the prospect of eating cupcakes than actually eating them. I find it easy not to go for a second or not even finish the first one. What happened to me? Is this just getting older? I still love eating other sweets like candy, pastries, and pies, but not cupcakes. I don’t know if it’s the cake or the frosting or a combination of both. They taste good, yes, but I’m just not into eating them anymore. I don’t know how I can look at myself in the mirror again. Am I allowed to wear my cupcake necklace proudly? Could I possibly tattoo a food on myself that I don’t want to eat? This admission to myself has raised so many questions within me. Who am I?