Toca was diagnosed with cancer around Thanksgiving and went into a course of surgeries and chemotherapy for treatment.

This morning Toca looked worse and felt hot. We took him to the animal hospital. We were supposed to just drop him off because it was just a check up but we asked if the doctor could look at him right away. They brought us into a room and and oncologist told us that he’d developed a worse kind of infection and had a 104 degree fever. She confirmed that it must have started on Sunday night because he’d been at the hospital Sunday during the day and the vet who re-bandaged him would have seen it if it were there already. All day Sunday he was very happy. She said that he looked very bad and that his color was not right. She said that we had the option of admitting him into the hospital for a couple of days so they could give him IV antibiotics and fluids to try to get him feeling better again but that there were no guarantees. Or we could put him down. Neither one of us could do that so we opted to admit him. I wanted to see him one more time so they brought him into the room. I hugged him and kissed him and told him how much I loved him and what a good boy he is but I don’t know if he even knew I was there. We went to the front desk to pay the deposit for the admittance and while we were waiting the nurse called us back into a room. The oncologist came in and said they started to administer the antibiotics and he got worse. She told us that she just wanted to let us know that it was possible he would die while he was there and they would try what they could. We went out to the lobby again and within a few minutes they called us back to tell us he died.

To say that we are devastated is a understatement. Toca was our pet, best friend, baby, comedian, sleep buddy, confidant, and sweetheart. He is the first dog I ever had an it was far too short a love affair.

Toca Smiles