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Every few months I see a craft and decide to give it a shot. In the past, I’ve gone all out and bought all the supplies I could ever possibly need in the first weeks. That is how I got all of scrapbooking, card making, and sewing supplies. The last two, I was at least smart enough to start small. I bought an acrylic paint set awhile ago and I used it one time. I only laid out $25 so that’s worth one day’s enjoyment. The latest craft is embroidery. I bought a kit that included a tea towel, pattern, floss, scissors, and needles from Sublime Stitching. I took on my first project today. This is just the top part. It’s quite messy but it was a fun first try. I think I need to try bigger designs until I used to all the stitches, this was a bit too intricate. I like that I can just sit back and chill while stitching. It’s relaxing.